NorthSide Storage
221 Holiday Avenue
Cannon Falls MN 55009
* Monthly
10' x 10'
Great for seasonal items such as BBQ Grills, Patio Furniture, snow blowers, etc.
10' x 15'
This is a nice size to store appliances, furniture and other household items while you are moving, building or refinishing.
10' x 20'
Enough space for a one bedroom apartment or mid-size car.
10' x 25'
Perfect to store a full size car, pick up, small travel trailer or small boat.
10' x 30'
Enough storage for a two bedroom apartment.
10' x 40'
Will accommodate furnishings for an entire house or two full size cars. Drive through doors.
Secure Locks Provided  
* All rates are subject to change without notice.
NorthSide Storage requires a damage/cleaning deposit and offers a discount for storage payments in advance.
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